About Mike Reznick

Many lawyers stay on a narrow track their entire careers: pre-law in college, a straight shot to law school, nice job at a major firm, and then, with any luck, a position as partner. Add it all up and they haven’t spent much time in the real world.

Mike’s story is different. He grew up in Minneapolis and had to make it on his own. Before paying his way through college, he worked as a short-order cook and shoveled wet cement at construction sites. He loved music and taught himself how to play guitar, bass, and piano, eventually touring the Midwest club circuit in everything from an R&B band to Pegasus, a nationally recognized progressive rock group.

Granted, you’re not hiring a cook or musician. But Mike’s wide-ranging life experiences certainly contribute to his skills as an attorney. He’s able to connect with jurors from diverse backgrounds. And unlike many lawyers, he understands that he can’t take anything for granted, recognizing the need to always outline the facts in a clear, concise manner.

Some jurors may not even really understand what a contract is. But Mike always makes sure that they do before heading into the jury room for deliberations.


Any attorney who has gone up against Mike will tell you that he combines extensive preparation with a rare tenacity. No doubt some of his colleagues, and especially his opponents, might be tempted to describe him as aggressive and persistent on behalf of his clients.

But even as the legal world has become less professional and many attorneys blatantly cross all sorts of ethical boundaries to gain even the smallest of advantages, Mike’s personal and professional integrity means that he always holds himself to the highest standards.

He rises above the tactics that he frequently encounters. That’s because Mike is confident that his legal skills, combined with a willingness to outwork his opponents, will always prevail.